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The notary is a legal professional who simultaneously exercise a public function to provide citizens with the legal certainty that the Constitution (Art. 9) assures in the scope of extrajudicial legal transactions.

The notary has a proven legal training, not only because a degree in law be always required but also because a selection through rigorous examinations is made to ensure their training and the Notaries Societies seek constantly to upgrade and update.

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The Spanish notaries are integrated into the so-called Latin notaries, international association that include virtually all notaries of Europe (Germany, France, Italy, etc.), including countries from Eastern Europe (Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republics, Slovenia) and the other many countries in the process of incorporation, large number of African countries, of which the most recently associated is South Africa, all Latin America Continent, furthermore the province of Quebec in Canada and Louisiana in the United States, Turkey and Japan in Asia, and is rapidly expanding, soon will total nearly one hundred countries, all with similar notary system, formed by independent professionals, vested with the authority to provide public faith or authenticity to the acts involved and to guarantee individuals the security of transactions.

Notaries in Spain, about 2900, are professionals who enjoy the esteem of the general public and are geographically scattered throughout the Spanish territory, so it is easier to find one near you, where to place your confidence. The notaries are organized by Colleges/Societies, that support them in their role and at the same time control their performance, all under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice.