General Conditions of access and use of this website

1. Legal information

a) These conditions regulate the website use accessible at URL, whose details made available for Internet users follow.

b) Identification of website ownership

Legal information

2. Object

This website gives visitors and users the same access to information, products and services supplied or provided by the Notaries Society to those people or organizations interested in them.

3. Acceptance of the General and Special Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions govern access to and use of this website made freely available to Internet users by the Notaries Society. Access implies the acceptance without any reserves. Use of certain services offered on this website shall be governed also, by the specific conditions stipulated in each case, which shall be considered as accepted by the mere use of such services and, as applicable, replace, complete and/or modify these general conditions.

4. Conditions of access and use

Display, print and download contents of this website shall be authorized only and exclusively if the following conditions occur:

I) Shall be compatible with the purpose of this website;

II) Shall entail the sole purpose of obtaining information for personal and private use. Use for commercial purposes or for distribution, public communication, transformation or compilation is expressly prohibited;

III) None of the contents on this website are modified in any way;

IV) No element available on this website (including, among others, databases, images, drawings, graphics, animations, text files, audio, video and software) shall be separately used, copied or distributed from where it appears on this website, considering such page as a whole, including HTML code defining it, text and all accompanying items.

5. Subscription to electronic newsletters

a) The Notaries Society may make available to users of this website a periodic information service, informative electronic newsletters, informing users through emails of the latest news, products and services on this website, of Milestone Spaces, or other content, products or services which in the opinion may be of interest for the user.

b) To enjoy this service it is imperative that the user sign up by effectively completing the registration form, which is accessible from different pages on this website. Although it is possible that this registration form requires user’s personal data or other information, the only credential for the purposes of identification versus the Notaries Society as subscriber, will be the email address used to subscribe to the service.

c) The subscriber declares that all the information provided in the registration process to the service for website electronic newsletters and during the course of use thereof be true, complete and accurate. Also, the subscriber agrees to keep it updated, communicating any changes to the Notaries Society by using the electronic form provided for this purpose and accessible from URL address

d) The subscriber is responsible for using due diligence in order to prevent access to and / or use of the service by third parties who access on the user’s behalf using credentials obtained for that. Likewise, the subscriber is solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any password or identification code and the consequences that may arise.

e) In any case, the subscriber shall be responsible for the proper use of the service and custody of access credentials, and shall not use the service for illegal purposes or contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

f) Should the electronic newsletter subscription service be provided for free, shall the Notaries Society, and Subscriber expressly shall agree to, suspend it temporarily or permanently, vary the requirements to use it, and modify the features and other conditions of service in its sole discretion. On the contrary, should the service be provided for consideration, shall the Notaries Society notify the subscriber in advance of any change in the service providing conditions that might lead to a reduction of their rights.

g) Except in special conditions, if any, regulating the service otherwise specified, it is understood that the user registration shall last 12 months from the date of service, and be automatically renewed from the expiration of the initial period (or any extension thereof) for periods of equal duration, unless opposition made by the Notaries Society.

h) The user may arrange at any time to unsubscribe for the website electronic newsletters or modify subscription features autonomously and automatically, without such action be retroactive, by informing the Notaries Society through electronic form provided for this purpose and accessible from URL address

6. Hypertext links to / from this website

a) Any link by third parties to this website of the Notaries Society shall be made to the home page; “deep links "(direct links to different pages of the website home page)," framing "(use of" frames " or "frames" HTML to display own website content integrated into an outside thereof), and any other use of the website contents by third parties shall be expressly prohibited unless expressly authorized.

b) Moreover, any third party website that links to the website of the Notaries Society shall meet the following requirements:

i) Shall not permit any misrepresentation, inaccurate or incorrect statements which might mislead or be contrary to law, morality or accepted good customs;

ii) Shall not include any trademark or other sign eligible for protection other than the URL website address;

iii) Shall not liaise with further pages containing racist, xenophobic, pornographic, terrorism apology or against human rights content, declarations or propaganda and, in general, might cause damage anyhow to the good name or image of the Notaries Society, the same corporate companies group or its customers and suppliers.

c) Inclusion of links to further websites shall not imply that the Notaries Society promotes, endorses, guarantees or recommends the contents of such portals or websites. In this regard, this website may contain links to further portals or websites not managed by the Notaries Society. The Notaries Society has no control over such portals or websites, nor is responsible for their content and, therefore, these links are provided solely as an informative reference, without any assessment of the content, owners, services or products offered by them.

7. General guarantees

a) The Notaries Society makes available in good faith to the public this website and the information containing that arises from internal and external sources. By simply visiting, the user assumes, knows and accepts data and information contained on this website are offered solely for information purposes and may contain errors, inaccuracies or may be out-dated, all though the Notaries Society’s diligence in implementing or upgrading.

b) The Notaries Association reserves the right to, at any time and without prior notice, modify and update information contained on this website, layout and presentation thereof and access conditions. Also it reserves the right to temporarily suspend without prior notice, access to the website because of the possible need for maintenance, recondition, updating or upgrading.

c) The Notaries Association does not guarantee either interruptions or errors in accessing the website or its content, nor its update. The Notaries Association shall take all efforts in order to fix errors, restore communication and update contents, as soon as aware of errors, disconnections or out-dated content, provided that no causes make impossible or difficult to proceed.

d) MINORS. To access and use services provided in this website, minors shall obtain parents, guardians or legal representatives permission, who shall be responsible for all acts performed by minors in charge. Adults are fully responsible in determining the specific content and services minors have access to. Internet allows access to contents that may not be appropriate for minors, thus the Notaries Society informs users that mechanisms exist, including filtering and blocking software which limit the content available and, while not fool proof, are particularly useful to control and restrict the materials that minors can have access to.

e) Users shall notice that the Notaries Society has hired a third party to provide website full technical support, including Internet Connectivity and Contractor’s website server hosting.

8. Limitation of Liability

a) The Notaries Society shall make neither representations nor warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, as to website operation or information, content, software, materials or products included therein to the extent permitted by applicable law. Furthermore, the Notaries Society shall waive payment of any warranties, express or implied, including, among others, implied warranties of eligibility for a particular purpose. The Notaries Association shall not be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website, including, among others, direct or indirect damages.

b) The Notaries Society shall not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from website interruption and continuity of service. In addition, the Notaries Society shall not be responsible for any security errors or deficiencies that may arise from the use, by the user, of a browser program, out-dated or insecure version, as well as activating keys devices or registered users identification codes in the browser program, or damage, errors or inaccuracies that may arise from malfunctioning.

c) The user shall be liable for damages of any nature that the Notaries Society may suffer as a result, directly or indirectly, of the breach of these General Terms and Conditions or the Special Conditions, if any, governing the use or the provision of certain additional services.

d) The collaborator shall be liable for damages of any nature that the Notaries Society may suffer as a result, directly or indirectly, of the breach of the current legislation, of these General Terms and Conditions or the Special Conditions, if any, governing the conduct of business as a collaborator of this website.

9. Intellectual and Industrial Property

a) The intellectual property rights of this website, source code, layout, navigation structure, databases and the various elements contained therein are owned by the Notaries Society or its suppliers, and it corresponds to them the exclusive exercise of rights to operate them anyhow and in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

b) All the software applied in the use and development of this website is owned by the Notaries Society or its software suppliers, in the latter case, licensed or transferred by them, and protected by national and international laws of intellectual property.

c) The Notaries Society owns the industrial property rights relating to its products and services and specifically those relating to brands, labels, distinctive signs or logos that appear on this website and are duly registered or in registration process. Regarding third parties quotes of products and services, the Notaries Society recognizes in their favour the corresponding rights of intellectual property, and mere mention or appearance on this website does not involve any rights or liability of the Notaries Society, nor endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by the Notaries Society, unless expressly stated.

d) The unauthorized use of the information contained on this website, resale, and any breach of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the Notaries Society shall lead to the legal responsibilities set forth.

10. Personal Data

a) In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (Act LOPD), the Notaries Society informs you that, by filling in any electronic form present on this website your personal data will be incorporated into an automated data file, owned by the Notaries Society, and shall be treated for the following purposes:

i) The provision of the services offered on this website;

ii) Sending information and advertising on the Notaries Society, and according to the purpose of this website;

iii) Conducting surveys, statistics and analysis of market trends;

iv) The user profiling in order to customize and enhance the services offered.

b) The Notaries Society maintains a policy of confidentiality of data provided by its clients, committing to the protection of personal data of users of this website. Data protection extends to all matters relating to collection and use of information provided through this website.

c) In this regard, the Notaries Society agrees not to transfer to third parties the personal data provided by users without the express consent. Notwithstanding the foregoing and in compliance with the LOPD, the user expressly authorizes the Notaries Society so that can communicate their personal data to other companies, provided they belong to the same group, regardless of the country of destination of data, even if the country does not offer a level of protection to the Data Protection Act; and with the sole purpose of such third parties use them to render service and for commercial purposes agreed. The above authorization is revocable by the user without retroactive effect at any time.

d) The Notaries Society ensures that, under the terms established in Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (Act LOPD), the user’s personal data will be confidentially handle and the server storing and processing these data shall have the necessary security measures to prevent access to such data by unauthorized third parties. Nevertheless, the Notaries Society may disclose to the competent public authorities personal data and any other information in their possession through their computer systems when required in accordance with legal and regulatory provisions applicable in each case.

e) The company informs that the user has rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data, and may at any time exercise those rights without such action may be retroactive, by informing the company in the most appropriate way accordingly:

i) With the online form to cancel or modify the subscription service bulletins sent by email, provided for this purpose and available in the URL

ii) In a communication sent to the company by any of the means set forth in these Terms and Conditions or, if appropriate, in the specific conditions regulating the service.

f) In the event that the user provides personal data of third parties (for example, by using the service of "tell a friend "), provided they are incorporated into a file of automated data, the Notaries Society in compliance with the Data Protection Act (Article 5.4.), shall notify the said third parties, within a maximum period of three months from the moment recording of data occurred, the existence, ownership and purpose of the file containing their data and report the content and origin thereof. Likewise, the Notaries Society shall inform the third party about the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data.

11. Notifications

a) All notices and communications from users to the Notaries Society be considered effective, for all purposes, when conducted by one of the following means that the Notaries Society offers to the website users. However, the user shall be obliged to use a direct and automatic procedure, allowing to perform independently the action of notification or communication and by its own to the Notaries Society, when the Notaries Society provides the user with this.

Legal information

b) All notices by the Notaries Society to the user be deemed effective for all purposes, when conducted using data and by any of the methods listed below. To this end, the user states that all data provided are true and correct and undertakes to notify the Notaries Society of any changes regarding data reporting.

i) By post to the user's domicile, where it has been previously informed to the Notaries Society;

ii) By e-mail to the user’s address, when it has been previously informed to the Notaries Society or made in that same moment;

iii) Communication by telephone call to the user's telephone number when it has been previously informed to the Notaries Society;

iv) By their own web pages or screens that the user views while using the services provided on this website;

v) By pop-ups sent while rendering services by the Notaries Society to the user.

12. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions

be declared fully or partially invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall affect only such provision or part thereof be invalid or ineffective and subsist in all other respects, the rest of General Conditions and be such disposition or part thereof that is affected as not provided, unless be essential to these General Conditions, and might be affected entirely.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

a) The General Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish law.

b) The Notaries Society and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, submit to the courts and tribunals of the user's domicile for any dispute that may arise from accessing or using this website. In the event that the user resides outside of Spain, the Notaries Society and the user shall submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts of the Notaries Society's domicile.